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Bespoke Education

British School Jakarta strive for and celebrate academic excellence and compare very favourably with independent schools in the UK and internationally. We also recognise our responsibility to provide students with diverse opportunities and encourage them to  develop of a range of skills and interests.

About Us

BSJ was founded in 1974 with support from the British Embassy to educate the British and Commonwealth families living in Jakarta. Today, we still have many expatriate families at the school, as well as many Indonesian families, forming a community of over fifty nationalities, with students from the ages of 3 – 18.

The philosophy at BSJ is to provide an education to meet the needs of our students now and to equip them to partake in the opportunities of the future. BSJ takes great pride in its tradition of being a leader in British International Education. BSJ, through its wonderful community and collaborative partnerships provides an education that is more than just a school.

Welcome to British School Jakarta

More Than A School

British School Jakarta (BSJ) is proud to be accredited by the following organisations, in recognition of the School's status, qualifications and achievements:

We are also delighted to hold memberships with these educational bodies:

The best thing about BSJ is probably the students and their backgrounds. I have friends from Russia, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, China etc, and they have all lived in many different countries. Their parents have been raised in a different environment again and all of them, in a different way. To have all these people with different opinions and personalities creates a very odd but brilliant learning space.

Eleanor (Year Seven)

As the country I am from is very small and isolated, [being at British School Jakarta] has made me aware of all the other cultures and experiences... that are out in the world It has made me more aware.”

Madeleine (Year Twelve) 

This is their starting point to make a difference

Diverse Environments and Cultures 

The cultures of our international faculty inform every aspect of BSJ life. Our students experience Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic and American cultures thriving individually and working together. BSJ students learn to truly appreciate and communicate – beyond mere words – with people of other cultures. 

Authorized IB World Schools 

BSJ is an IB World School and a member of the International Baccalaureate Organisation. The IB curriculum respects and guides individuals according to their needs, while aiming to realise potential, foster enthusiasm for learning, develop social skills within a multi-cultural environment, and help students to interpret and develop their roles in a changing world.

The curriculum in the Primary School is based on the National Curriculum of England and taught through the thematic International Primary Curriculum. The IPC reflects the needs of the international and multi-cultural student body and capitalises on the unique opportunities provided by being located in Indonesia.


Key Stage One

Year One (5 - 6 Years)
Year Two (6 - 7 Years)

Foundation Stage

Foundation One (3 - 4 Years)
Foundation Two (4 - 5 Years)

Key Stage Two 

Year Three (7 - 8 Years)
Year Four (8 - 9 Years)
Year Five (9 - 10 Years)
Year Six (10 - 11 Years)

Our School

Welcome to British School Jakarta

A Bridge to the World

Learning in the secondary school is driven by the school’s mission: to inspire, challenge and nurture for excellence. The school seeks to ensure that the love of learning is lifelong and that students become internationally-minded citizens of the world with  a strong sense of belonging, respect and social responsibility.


Key Stage Four

Year 10
Year 11

Key Stage Three

Year Seven
Year Eight
Year Nine

International Baccalaureate 

Year 12
Year 13

Accreditations and Membership


What They Say About Us

One year after my son Ardio attended BSJ, I see significant changes in him. Compared to his experience in the previous school, in BSJ he seems more relaxed, comfortable, and better at receiving lessons given in the classroom. I think one of the reasons for this is because of the supportive atmosphere and learning environment. Start from his friends to the beautiful and nice school environment. Not to mention the teaching staff who are very friendly and can make children feel comfortable by treating them as friends. I think that’s why my son is really enjoying his study here, it sure feels like his second home. I also think that the learning approach is highly effective, in which teachers are more focused on the quality time spent between teacher & student during class.”

Andre Taulany, parents of Ardio Taulany (Year Seven)

The students were fantastic and on every occasion, I was asked some really interesting questions such as: What's it like being an entrepreneur? How do you get started? What do I do when I need funding to start a venture? These were fantastic questions from the students and shows just how much they value the topic of business and how much they're interested in entrepreneurship.

David Harkin (CEO of 7BillionIdeas)

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